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The more than 100 years’ traditional Washi (Japanese paper) making by Toya is a technique obtained by investigation made for a long time and a result of our accumulated efforts.  We have made the development of Washi having a new function to satisfy requests of the times, keeping the traditional Washi-making. Toya has advantages in that Toya has the traditional Washi-making technique, Shimane is one of several prefectures in Japan where zeolite is produced, and Toya has found the synergetic effect of Washi and tourmaline.  Toya provides “only-one goods”, making use of these advantages, and developed by the joint-study with learned persons and special organizations. Toya continues to produce products which make more comfortable people in this society and their living environments from the global standpoints.

l Introduction of Izumo Washi products

Toya founded Toya Training School” for teaching papermaking techniques to youth in the local area in 1899.

Izumo Washi is unique Japanese paper produced using high quality water and straw as a major raw material.  Nowadays, Izumo Washi can be mass-produced with machines.  Toya provides different types of Washi, i.e., standard-size Japanese writing paper for calligraphy and special Washi in which the ores are incorporated by papermaking (for details, see  on the Washi products introduction page).

Toya has found that more minus ions are generated by addition zeolite to tourmaline at a predetermined ratio. (applied for a patent).

l Introduction of TOURN SHEET products

The TOURN SHEET series are novel materials produced by incorporating micron-order fine particles of zeolite – tourmaline ores into Washi by a paper making method.  The series contain a large amount of the ores, and sufficiently show the capability of the ores.

l Introduction of PC TOURN products

Electro-magnetic waves are emitted from personal computers and portable telephones, and cause plus ions to generate.  The electro-magnetic waves cause stiff necks, eye strain, and headaches.  PC TOURN has such a structure that tourmaline and zeolite natural ores are easily rubbed with each other in a tube and warmed by body’s heat, and thus far infrared rays can be easily generated.

PC TOURN is suitably used for business men and women who operate personal computers for a long time, and is effective in reducing headaches, eye-strain, and joint fatigues.

l Introduction of TOURN PET products

The measurement of the heartbeat of dogs having TOURN PET mounted thereon shows that TOURN PET is effective in adjusting the autonomous nerves to relax the stress.

Particularly, the significant effects are observed in ill dogs (cats) and aged dogs (cats).  Needless to say, these products are useful to relax the stress of dogs and cats in healthy condition.  These results were announced in the 24th annual meeting of Japanese Society of Clinical Veterinary Medicine held in November, 2003.

l Introduction of TOURN GEAR products

u Tourmaline and zeolite natural ores are pulverized and coated with Washi.  When this sheet is mounted on a body, the ores become active at a body surface temperature to generate far infrared rays, warming the affected part and reducing aches.

u The Washi using hemp as raw material has a good feeling to the touch and also, a sterilization function.  Sweat absorbed in the Washi is decomposed, and odor is eliminated.

*By 24 hour’s sterilization, colon bacilli are reduced by 99.99%, and yellow staphylococci by 99.48%.